Apple car to have digital license plates

Apple has recently hired a “secret agent” that hints that the company might be working on producing digital license plates for its much anticipated autonomous vehicle that is currently named as Apple Car. The company has hired a lot of people for the project but this is a significant eye car to have digital license plates

Rónán Ó Braonáin listed himself as the “Secret Agent @ Apple Special Projects” as the current position in the company followed by changing it to “Software @ Apple” when the media caught up with the fancy name of the car to have digital license plates - ronan O braonain

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He went to University of Dublin, Ireland, and previously worked as the Automotive Software Engineer for 3 years and 4 months at BMW. For two years he worked as the Senior Advanced Technology Engineer at BMW Group Technology Office USA. The 5 month duration of working at Reviver, the company that created the first ever digital license plate, hints at the obvious adoption of digital license plates for Apple Car. Before Reviver, the guy was the CTO at Vision Fleet. Vision Fleet is a company promoting the use of electric vehicles.

The idea of digital number plates sounds absolutely Apple”ish” but it may have a lot of advantages over the conventional metal plates. One of them is: There are chances that a single vehicle will be owned by a number of people at the same time having different license numbers that will change accordingly. The technology might face a lot of challenges also, like weather and road conditions, visibility in bright sunlight and potential vulnerability to hackers and thieves of the modern world.

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Internally code-named as the Project Titan, the company has employed over 1000 people for the project and is expecting to release the vehicle in 2019.


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