Apple Car rumors, launch date & news

Apple has always focused on making handy gadgets based on software, but surprisingly few tech event news are reporting that Apple has now decided to test its influence and luck in the field of automation.

Though Apple has made no official announcement about it but they have discussed their idea of automation technology. Let me tell you, the plan is to make a car. We have used Apple watches, iPhones and all so far. And now the company is going to imply the same concept while manufacturing an “Apple car”.

apple car rumor news launch date

What can be new about this Apple car?

Obviously Apple is expertise in terms of software and interface, so we can imagine the upcoming Apple car will be damn attracting, smooth, more computerized as well. Definitely when a software expertise firm put its hands in automation then it tries to make automation even more computerized, fast and user friendly, as that’s what are the three basic concepts of the software gadget world.

Preparations taken by Apple for the new experiment:

Well, to start working on this complete different kind of task or project, software engineers are not sufficient enough so eventually Apple has already hired some robotics engineers who have great knowledge of sensor issues of automation, controlling capabilities of an automated product. Well Apple has discussed about their complete plans, concept and all about Apple car very seriously in MIT technology Review. And what is mentioned in the wall street journal is that this brand new product of Apple can be a part of the tech market by 2019. However Apple has given no comments on anything mentioned in the journal as they have not yet officially declared the launch of their product though they have started hiring engineers for the same.


Though there are experts who believe in Apple and its concepts but then there are critics always there to comment as said by David Keith, one of the professors of MIT, that it’s more or less impossible to launch such kind of highly computerized car what Apple is planning to produce. As Apple’s car will not be having any engine so according to keith that’s kind of putting all the parts together and then coloring it which makes no sense as the car industry has enough better models to launch then, so Apple can’t compete on that basis. Not everything can be just computerized – according to keith. The CEO of the Center for Automation Research (CAR) says that it’s not that easy to build a highly efficient car in terms of both performance and cost. Hence this is a big challenge for Apple to attract the buyers leaving mini BMW and Mercedes behind in the car market.

Moreover most of the experts speak that its better for Apple to focus on producing any software for the already available automobile and ease the driving for the driver.

The most challenging thing is that even Google is going to test itself in the field of automation, so it’s not going to be easy for Apple to compete and fascinate buyers up to the level.

All we know is both Google and Apple are software and interface experts. Things are uncertain, so it’s better to keep an eye on what’s next in the automobile industry. A blast? Or a failure? – be it Google or Apple itself.


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