Hashy gives you popular & trending hashtags relevant to your Instagram posts to attract more likes and followers. It is packed with excellent features like live hashtags and bookmarking to name a couple.


Profy is an Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader app. It lets you view & download the profile photo of the Instagram user in full size without any login.

By default, Instagram profile picture appears very small. And to overcome that Profy lets you view the image properly and in full size at ease.


You can make use of this app to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp messages for free. It makes use of WhatsApp Web to clone others WhatsApp accounts.

Apart from that, you can even use it to use same WhatsApp account on multiple Android devices.


Saveo is an all in one app for Instagrammers. You can use this app to download photos & videos from public accounts as well as from the private accounts you follow.

Apart from that, you can use it to repost others posts on your profile. Saveo also allows you to download the IGTV Videos.

Best Text Flipper

This app lets you make text upside down or backwards. There are 3 major types of variations – flip, reverse and Mirror to choose from. The modified text can then be used to surprise friends in chat or social media apps.

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More Apps Coming Soon

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