AnyTrans New Update Lets You Use Removed iTunes Features Again

AnyTrans from iMobie is an ultimate phone manager for both Android and iOS. Recently, iMobie has launched its latest version AnyTrans 7¬†with exciting new features. Well, new for AnyTrans but not for iTunes as the update of AnyTrans seems to be focused to include the features that were removed from iTunes 12.7. But as it turns out not all the users were happy with iTunes removing some basic features. So, here’s AnyTrans 7!

AnyTrans was already a pretty good alternative. With this new update, it has got even better. You can read our detailed¬†AnyTrans review. There are 3 major updates apart from the redesigned interface. Let’s have a look at them.

AnyTrans 7 New Features

1. Ringtone Manager

AnyTrans 7 Ringtone Manager

With AnyTrans 7, you can create custom ringtones for your iOS device. Unlike in the latest iTunes version, it lets you do it in a very easy manner. All you need to do is select the audio file, edit it like select/trim the desired portion and finally import it to your iPhone directly.

It is possible to select the music from your iPhone or PC/Mac apart from the iTunes library for making the ringtone. You can also preview the ringtone before you save or create it.

2. App Downloader

App Downloader AnyTrans 7

You can manage apps on your iPhone from your PC/Mac using this software. As iOS App Store was removed from iTunes so you could no longer download apps from the computer. But with AnyTrans, you get complete control over your apps. It is possible to install, update, uninstall, reinstall or backup apps. Simply search for the desired app and after you find it you’ll have the option to download and install it.

It also supports sharing of files from apps like Keynote, Number, iMovie etc. from iPhone/iPad to PC or vice versa.

3. Home Screen Manager

Home Screen Manager AnyTrans

Another feature that is no longer available on iTunes. Home screen manager lets you arrange app icons on your iPhone/iPad home screen from your desktop. You can move them to desired locations, create a new folder or even uninstall apps.

Not only this, but it will also automatically sort apps in a smarter way and group the related apps. Apart from that, you can also get rid of corrupt app icons which are otherwise unresponsive on your iPhone.


All these new features in the latest version make AnyTrans more powerful than it ever was. If you are someone who is troubled by the way iTunes works and its limitations then you should definitely give AnyTrans a try. It supports both Android and iOS smartphones. On top of that, it is also available for Windows PC and Mac. It also has a FREE trial version. Check out AnyTrans!

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