Another merger by Google: Chrome OS into Android

This Merger is all about shaping our future.

In today’s world of technology, at every moment we can find a new up-gradation happening in every field. It is an undeniable fact that IT world has drastically changed in recent years and its impact can be seen clearly. Mergers, acquisition are quite normal here, but news like Chrome and Android coming  together for some purpose is something that has got a very significant merging chrome os into android

 The latest news in the market is that Google Chrome and Android Operating Systems are merging together. Via Walls Street Journal, it was clearly read that, “Google plans to fold its Chrome operating system for personal computers into its Android mobile operating system.”  Further, it is even disclosed by some representatives that Google is working on folding the Chrome OS with respect to the personal computers and reforming it into the Android mobile Operating System. The move is believed to be taken after seeing the growing demand and love of youth towards Android OS and its applications.

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The report as provided by the people familiar with the subject matter (taken as a source), says the company is planning to make a review of the combined new OS in the year 2016 and is going to launch the actual version in 2017. The report says, “Chromebooks will get a new, as yet undetermined, name, the people familiar with the matter said. Google plans to retain the Chrome name for its internet browser, which runs on both PCs and mobile devices”. Walls Street Journal further reported that both Chrome and Android are  going to be merged under the Android name, enabling PCs make use of the Google Play app store.

The move clarifies the dominating position of mobile as a platform. Worth mentioning here, the Google Android OS was the leader in the mobile segment, with percentage of more than 80 smartphones being powered by it globally. And still is maintaining this position. It was revealed by the Google in the recent launch of Nexus that it has more than 1.4 billion active users on its Android Operating System.

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It was in the year 2007, Google acquired the mobile software startup Android Inc and since then it never looked back. Later in the year 2009, the development of company’s Chrome OS took place by the in-house team. The sparks of the merger were there since March 2013 when the head of Google’s mobile business, Andy Rubin, handed the Android business reins to Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google. Sundar at that time was in the position of Vice President of Chrome and Apps. In the year 2005, in the month of August, Rubin came to Google and the company then acquired Startup Android Inc. Now let’s wait to see the impact of Chrome OS into Android.


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