How to Manage Android Volume Control From Notification Tray

This tutorial will help you to set up Android volume control for different options directly from the notification tray. With this, you can easily adjust the volume of your Alarm or Music on the fly from the notification bar.

Android Volume Control on Notification Bar

If you want to adjust the Media volume levels, you’ll probably press the volume buttons while you’re watching a video. To modify your alarm volume, you would have to open the alarm you set up and adjust the slider.

Changing the volume levels for different settings is not rocket science, but it can sometimes require quite a few taps. Adjusting the volume the old fashion way can be especially annoying when you’re in a hurry and need to make the adjustment within a few seconds. Good thing that there is an app that can speed things up for you.

Adjust Android’s Volume Levels from Notification Bar

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to Google Play and install an app called Volume Notification. It’s a very light app and will install almost immediately. When you first open the app, you’re going to see the volume options for Media Volume, Alarm Volume, Call Volume, Ring Volume, Notification Volume and System Volume.

Quick Acess to Android Volume Controls

If you tap on either one of them, you’re only going to be able to change the icon and modify the name. You’ll also see two horizontal lines to the right.Tap on the lines and slide either up or down and place the option wherever you want it to go. This is an excellent way to always have the volume options near the side of the display for one-handed access.

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How to Customize The Volume Notifications Tray

In the main page of the app, you’re going to see three vertical dots at the top right. Tap on those dots and select Settings. Before you start exploring the other options, I recommend that you toggle on the mute option. By doing this, you will immediately silence that particular volume level, and it won’t show the volume slider.

How to Personalize Volume Tray on Android

By tapping on Theme and Custom Theme, you can give the volume notifications tray the color you want. That way it can have your own personal touch. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll options that will also allow you to Hide the Volume notification tray from your lock screen.

I would maintain this option on since it can be a real time saver when you’re in a hurry.  Even if you’re on the lock screen, you’ll still be able to change the volume levels like if you were on the home screen.

How The Volume Notification Bar Works

When you’re done personalizing the tray, it’s time to start using it. Let’s say that you’re phone is locked and you’ve tapped on the home button to light it up. You’ll see all the volume options and to modify one of them just tap on one, and the slider will appear on top.

Adjust the volume to your liking, and you’re all set. Just repeat the process for anything else you want to change. You can say goodbye to having to access each feature on its own. There is also a way where you can have all the volume sliders visible so you can change one right after the other.

How to Control Volume from Notification Tray Android

When you have the volume tray in front of you, tap on any icon, and the slider should appear. Before the slider disappears, tap on the dropdown menu on the top right. You should now be able to modify the various volume levels all in one place. Now, isn’t that convenient?

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As you can see Volume Notification is a simple yet useful app that allows you to quickly change the volume levels of your Android device even from your lock screen. You can bet that this is an app that is going to stay on my Android device. So, what do you think of the app? Drop a comment and let me know.

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