Why are Android OS versions named after sweets?

Last Updated: March 26, 2016

Tech companies in the Silicon Valley employ a lot of “Cool” things to connect better with non-tech audiences. When they fail to get the users attention with servers, algorithms and other geeky words, they resort to fun aspects like Doodles, Fun Keynotes to keep their brands fun.

A distinct aspect of software companies is new releases of software. Companies off late have started playing with the names of the different versions of the software to make it fun and quirky.

A lot of companies like Apple and Microsoft have different name of their software versions. Microsoft’s naming conventions are a bit boring with the usual “Windows 95”, “Windows 98” and they changed it a little bit when they added “Windows XP” and “Windows Vista” but went back to their original naming scheme by going with the “Windows 10”.

Apple on the other hand were slightly creative with their OS names. They named it after the different kind of cats. Its started with the “Cheetah” and ended with the “Lion” with other names like “Snow Leopard”, “Jaguar” and “Puma”.

The company that takes the cake (Pun Unintended) with their naming conventions is Google. The naming of their Mobile OS’s for Android are a hot topic with people predicting what would be next.

Google has named their OS’ after popular confectioneries. It started with

android os versions named after sweets- cupcake
C for Cupcake
android os versions named after sweets - donut
D for Donut
E for Eclair
E for Eclair
android os versions named after sweets - froyo
F for Froyo
android os versions named after sweets - gingerbread
G for Gingerbread 
H for Honeycomb
H for Honeycomb
I for Ice Cream Sandwich
I for Ice Cream Sandwich
android os versions named after sweets - jellybean
J for Jellybean
K for Kitkat
K for Kitkat
L for Lollipop
L for Lollipop
M for Marshmallow
M for Marshmallow


As you can see the versions for A and B do not have the names of sweets. Many think it is just the old-school Alpha and Beta versions.

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But why?

The truth is, nobody knows, because Android’s team refuses to disclose the reason behind it because in Randall Sarafa’s (Spokesman for Google) own words “It’s more of an internal thing. It’s inscrutable”

I know this is a downer after all that build up, but it’s the truth! But this does not stop the people of different countries from trying to pitch for their own country’s sweets to be the next name of the Android OS. Here is an example from India with people launching a campaign to call the Android version Kaju Katli.


Indians have a hope now that Sundar Pichai has become the CEO of Google, the names of the next version of Android will be that of an Indian sweet.


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