Android creator in works of developing free Dashcam

Although much of their use is in the security domain, particularly with the police as we all have seen police chasing maniacs on YouTube, the dashcams have recently became a source of entertainment for the users. Can’t recall? There are vine videos or to get an essence take a look at this video taken by a dashcam in Russia where the user is witnessing a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere.

We all have those picture perfect moments while driving when looking for the phone in the pocket will certainly end up in collision. That’s where dashcam comes in the picture. They are convenient, intelligent and don’t require you to handle it. With this keeping in mind, ex-Googler and Android creator, Andy Rubin is jumping into the dashcams section with his new startup Playground. Rubin tells the press that his company is working on a dashcam with an entirely new business model.

Rubin adds that the user will get the hardware for free. Well nothing comes free in this world, so here is the catch. The hardware comes for free but in return the user will have to handover all of the data recorded on the dashcam. It’s not clear why this trading seems useful but a new kind of map service or navigation service can be harnessed from this business model. This model may shake up the industry but Rubin says that the company is not working just on this. And as a teaser he left it at “I can’t talk about this.” What Playground is doing is definitely large as the company is run by industry’s rich in experience engineers and designers.

“A fund, a studio and people who really know how to make things.” This is the tag for playground as seen on and it allows us to have an idea about the potential of the company. Integration of video maps seems a nice idea but it is just a theory. Let’s see what Rubin has for us in the plates in the near future.


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