Best Android Apps for Gamers

If you are a gamer and that too in largest mobile OS platform that is Android, then this article is totally for you. Here are some amazing Android apps for gamers to keep updated with all the games related content, so that you won’t miss any news or any latest game itself.

Top 5 Android Apps For Gamers

android apps for gamers - google play

Google Play Games App


Google Play Games

Here is the Google Play official app for Android Gamers. This app will first of all saves your profile and accordingly shows all the games you have played. It gives you game suggestions depending upon your previous games played and also let you interact with your friends. This app will let you keep track of your achievements and compete with your friends.

Download Google Play Games App.



android apps for gamers - machinima




When it comes to the gaming related app, Machinima is the one you have to mention at the top. It provides gaming related contents like game trailers, gameplay tips & videos, reviews and many other contents. In short, it will let you know inside gaming features prior to download. It will keep you updated through its push notification feature.




android apps for gamers - ign

IGN Entertainment


IGN Entertainment

IGN entertainment is one of the most popular app in gaming network. If you are deciding for which game to buy?, then this app will show you the top games that are recommended by the IGN’s professional editors. Earlier the users were facing some issues with the app, but now they have come up with the issues and did a lot of improvements and Android gamers are loving it.

Download IGN Entertainment App.


android apps for gamers - Xbox smart glass

Xbox SmartGlass


Xbox SmartGlass

This app is dedicated to Xbox lovers, it lets you connect to Xbox one or Xbox 360 and control some of the Xbox functions like launching games, videos and many other functions. This app is absolutely amazing, with this app you can connect to your Xbox friends, share your scores & achievements, message your Xbox friends. You can even use your phone’s keyboard to type to your Xbox. With this SmartGlass app you can check your Xbox profile and also can look for Microsoft’s catalogue of video & gaming.

Download link for Xbox SmartGlass.


android apps for gamers - playstation




This app is for PlayStation lovers, get the PlayStation feel in your mobile device with this wonderful PlayStation app. With this app you can chat with your friends same like Xbox SmartGlass app. Here too you can keep track of your and your friends scores & achievements. You can type from your mobile keypad for your PS4 system. You can browse through the PlayStation store and pick up the latest games.

Download PlayStation App.

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