Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features, Tips and Tricks Everyone is Enjoying, Are You?

Here in this article, we share best Android 6.0 Marshmallow features. List of hidden Android features which Marshmallow offers. Get the most out of your Android smartphone by using these hidden Marshmallow features.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow features

From the looks of it, Android 6.0 Marshmallow may only seem like a small improvement of Lollipop. It might seem like there aren’t a lot of changes, but Google has implemented a significant number of modifications on Marshmallow you may not be aware of.

Hidden Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

There are tricks, and secrets you can find in Android 6.0, but you just have to know where to look. With the right guide (like this one), you will also discover the tips that will help you get the most out of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

1. Activate Marshmallows Easter Egg

Like in Lollipop, Android Marshmallow has its own secret game.  The good news is that you can activate it the same way you would in Lollipop.

Go to Settings > About Phone or Device > Software Info > Tap on the Android version a few times.

Marshmallow 6.0 features

You will see a Marshmallow pop up, and you will need to tap on it a few times as well and then a long-press. After you let go, tap on the play button and get ready to enjoy the game. The Marshmallow version is played the same as in Lollipop. The only difference is that instead of seeing Lolipop’s you see Marshmallows.

2. Granting or Denying App Permissions

Being able to decide what an app had access to, kind if makes you feel more powerful than the President! Well, maybe I exaggerated a little, but you get the idea. It was a relief being able to deny permission you know that app doesn’t need to use. I mean, why would a calculator app need access to my contacts and location?

To deny certain permission on an app go to Settings > Application Manager > Choose the app and Permission which should be the third option down. Tap on Permission and toggle on or off the permission you want or don’t want. As you can see in the image below, you can’t do that on Lollipop. Marshmallow 1  – Lollipop 0.

android marshmallow hidden features

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3. Enjoy Google Now on Tap with Marshmallow

Let’s say you want more information about a word or restaurant that appears on your display. With Marshmallow, tap on the home button and Google Now on Tap will give you all the information you need.

Android marshmallow tips

You can get Yelp reviews, Directions, business hours, etc. That’s something you weren’t able to get on Lollipop. If you press the home button, you would just be directed to the Google search engine. You can even get on Tap to work when you are looking at an Email if you want more information on something you have there.

4. Enhanced Copy and Paste

The less you have to move your finger the better, right? Good thing that in Marshmallow, if you want to copy or do a web search, you only have to long-press on the word. Instead of the text being on top of the screen, they will now float over the text itself.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 features

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5. Modify Do Not Disturb

In Lollipop, you can either turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off. If you go to Setting, you´re not going to find any option for it so that you can edit it to your liking. When it comes to things like that, it sure feels good to be a Marshmallow user.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 tips and tricks

Go to Settings and about half way down you will see the Do Not Disturb option. In that option, you set the feature up, so it only works on certain days, allows specific exceptions and when it turns on and off.

6. Automatically Associate Links

You come across a link that can be opened through your Dropbox app, but instead of automatically doing that, you’re asked which method you want to use. You will need to reset the app preferences first. To do this go to Settings > Application Manager > More > Reset App Preferences > Reset.

If you always want links that can easily be opened by using your Dropbox app to open by using that app go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Dropbox (or any other app) > Set as default > Go to supported URLs > Via this app.

Android Marshmallow features

From now on, every time you come across a link that you can open with the Dropbox app, that´s exactly how it´s going to open. That´s something you can’t do in Lollipop, sorry.

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7. Turn Off Doze Mode for Certain Apps

Wait, What´s Doze Mode? Just in case you’re not familiar with it Doze-Mode is a state that Android goes into when you have stopped using the phone for a while. The word Doze inevitably reminds you of sleeping, and that´s what Android does to save battery, for example.

battery optimization marshmallow features

If you want to disable Doze Mode for a particular app go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More (Upper right-hand corner) > Optimize Battery usage > Apps not optimized < All Apps. Phew! As you can see you will have to do come tapping, but you’ll get there.

Once you can see all the apps, you can select which ones you want to disable Doze Mode for.

8. Use Google Translate While Using Other Apps

This is a useful feature when you are learning a new language. By simply long-pressing on a word, for example, on the TechUntold Android app, you will see the translate option.

Top Marshmallow features

Not only will you see it but you can al hear how the word in pronounced in another language. You will need to download the Google Translate app first, but its’ worth it.


Android 6.0 Marshmallow is full of useful features and hidden treasures. There are so many of them that you can hours at a time discovering what they are. Don’t forget to use them carefully since by tapping the wrong button, you can get yourself into some serious trouble. Did I miss your favorite feature? Tell me which one it is in the comments.

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