Amazon should think about switching over to Green Packaging, says Customers

E-commerce sites are here again with their innovative ways out to satisfy customers and needless to say, Amazon is not an exception, you can even observe innovation in Amazon logo. It is also observed that customers are more prone to buy products online and e-commerce traders are always striving to make the experience better. However, customers are expecting something more from their most trusted online traders.

That Amazon is trying to move out of the box big time, is not a new thing. This has been seen in their thoughtful venture which is a responsible shopping system, which they have coined ‘group orders together’. This allows you to order many things at a time so that they can be delivered in the same box. However, environment protagonists opine that Amazon must be taking further steps to ensure full delivery minus the box.

Environmentalists also state that it is high time that Amazon endeavored to bring in provisions for lesser number of boxes for their delivery. One of the most effective ways to do this, as suggested by some is to take the packaging boxes once the items are delivered to the respective customers. This is the way; they think which will help Amazon to keep a check on the number of boxes being used for delivery every single day.

Amazon should think outside the box

A certain representative from Amazon itself has stated that the initiative that led to deliver goods packed in boxes without wires or plastic had reduced landfills drastically. On the other hand, when the same person was asked to mention the figure for cardboard usage on a daily basis, they refused to say anything.

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The good enough reason to switch over to box less delivery is the chief concern that surrounds deforestation and global warming at large. Studies state that every year tons of trees are cut down which result in the packaging cardboards as finished items. Of course, these cardboards are perfectly reusable as well as recyclable too. But it takes an elongated process before it can be reused again. The associates at Amazon should therefore; make innovative measures that will help them deliver their best deals without taking the pain of a bulky cardboard box.


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