Do you know about Amazing Technology in Tesla Cars

Tesla has the distinction of being one of the best car companies in the world since Chrysler came around in 1925 and since then has just broken records. In one of the consumer reports Tesla has been rated 99/100 which is one of the highest ever rating a car has got. They did not get a 100/100 because of the rechargeable batteries that were a hassle.

Now Tesla, although is a car company, they can compete with the likes of Google and Apple in terms of Technology. Tesla has built their own 17 inch touch display like the iPad for their cars. Similar to this, there are a lot other technology that is enabled in the Tesla car that will get your tech mind buzzing!


The Tesla Auto Pilot is one of those rad features that will ease the life of drivers. The Autopilot is a step closer to the self-driving car, where if you put your car in Auto pilot mode then your car drives itself and you will get the status of the car and the speed and the vehicle in front of you as well.

Unknown Technology in Tesla cars

This feature does not work that well in winding roads, but works very well in long highways. This feature works great because you the driver can behave like a co passenger with their legs off the pedal and steering. They cannot take a nap, just like it’s not advised for the co passenger to take a nap.

 Self-Parking Car

Another feature that takes Tesla cars to the next level is the auto parking. A Tesla car can parallel park itself! In the video below you can see the parallel park feature in progress. Why is this a great feature? Parallel parking is actually highly skilled based. You need good hand eye co-ordination and need to be able to drive your car super slow and you need the correct angles when you are starting off. With a Tesla, everybody becomes equal, even if the drivers are not made equal. Equal good skills means better driving on the roads, leading to lesser accidents on the road.

Remote Fixing your Car

The times where one had to send a car for service and it would take a week’s time to get it serviced is slowly dying out with technology-enabled cars. The Tesla is taking this to a new level. Most of the time, the issue with a Tesla car is with the technology inside and Tesla’s engineers repair your car remotely. So when your car is parked at night, the Tesla engineers take control of your car and repair it.

This works with software updates as well. If your car did not have automatic door opening because the software isn’t updated, with one update that would take the duration of the night, your car would have that feature enabled. For better and improved features, you do not have to buy a new car at all!

Auto open and close doors

Impressive Technology in Tesla cars

This is a pretty nifty feature where the car doors automatically open when you come close to it. And it also closes when you leave it. This is all done through the key fob which is the your car key that are fitted with sensors.

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The Summon Feature

This is my favorite feature in the car because the car almost behaves like your personal butler. The summon feature basically is, you ask your car to pick you up through your phone. Your car will drive itself to wherever you are.

As of now, the summon feature only works at a close distance, but in future software updates, these distances will be larger. Which means, you will be able to drop your car off, and somebody else can borrow your car and leave it at their destination and you can call your car back to your destination. Elon Musk claims that there will come a time in the next two years where your car can be summoned from New York to Los Angeles which are 2,700 Miles away from each other.

What are your thoughts on Tesla’s technology? Let us know!

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