How to Add Photos Older Than 24 Hours To Instagram Story

This tutorial is a continuation of our earlier guide on how to add photos or videos in Instagram stories from Gallery/Camera roll. The thing is that you can only add photos or videos that are taken in the last 24 hours with that method. However, in this article, we go a step further and explain how you can upload Photos Older than 24 hours to Instagram Story from Gallery, Camera roll on Android and iPhone app.

Upload Old Pictures to Instagram Story From Camera Roll

It was on my last trip that I had no time to upload snaps to my Instagram Story as I was busy in enjoying the moments and capturing beautiful memories. It was so peaceful and fun that I didn’t want to switch on my internet and go on any social media to share them. However, when the tour ended I was super excited to update my soothing experience with my followers and friends on Instagram.

But Alas! Unlike Snapchat which allows uploading pictures to Snapchat story from Camera rollInstagram only showed photos/videos that were captured in the last 24 hours. I did find a way to get around it and add photos older than 24 hours to my Instagram Story. Here’s how.

Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours To Instagram Story

There are two methods to achieve this. Let us have a look.

Method 1 – Taking Screenshot

The first method is effortless. You can take screenshots of the desired photos you want to upload to your Story. Screenshot can easily be taken by holding down the lock and home button at the same time on both Android and iOS device.

The screenshots will obviously appear as they are taken in the last 24 hours.

The only downside to this method is that you will lose some quality compared to the original picture. Moreover, you will have to crop the picture to get rid of the unnecessary black spaces.

This method is useful if you want to quickly upload old pictures to your Instagram story without using any other app or tool.

Method 2 – Modify Image Information(Capture Date/Time)

This method makes use of a third party app to modify timestamp of the Photo on your device.


On iPhone/iPad you can make use of this handy app by the name of MetaTrixter available on the App Store.

After installing the app, open it and allow access to your Photos.

Now, select the desired Photo and tap on the bottom where it shows captured date and time information of the picture. Change the Date and time to be in the last 24 hours interval and select Set.

Next, tap on tick mark icon at the top right corner.

Add Old Pictures to Instagram Story

Finally, select Modify to save the changes.

Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours To Instagram Story

That is it, the date/time information is changed to the last 24 hours. You can open Instagram app and you will definitely see the photo there while creating your Instagram Story from Camera roll.

Note: This app modifies the original image and doesn’t create a copy.

This method works great and is recommended if you care about the image quality.


For Android, there are similar apps which claim to change the timestamp of Photos. You may try Image Date Editor or Photo Exif Editor.

We hope that this article helped in adding photos to your Instagram story that were taken some time ago. If you think this article provides value then share it on your favorite social media platform.

Do you know any other method or apps which can do so? Let us know in the comments.

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