How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Last Updated: October 22, 2018

Started by Snapchat and followed by Instagram, WhatsApp and now Facebook. Stories are playing an important role in representing and connecting our life on social media. We all want our stories to be perfect so that the people appreciate our camera sense. Let’s talk about Instagram, many times we face a problem that the video is good but due to the absurdity of sound or any interference we don’t want to upload it to Instagram. So adding a music to the video will make your story more appealing Right? Now coming to the point let’s start how can we add music to Instagram story. We will be discussing two very easy methods by which you can solve your problem.

Methods To Add Song To Instagram Stories

Starting with the first and the easiest method which requires no third party apps. But the condition is you have to shoot your video directly through Instagram.

Method 1: When You Are Shooting Directly Through Instagram

  1. Open your music player and play the song which you want to add to your story.
  2. Pause before the part of the song which you want to be a part of your story.
  3. Open Instagram. Go to stories, play the desired song in music player and simultaneously record your video. As Instagram allows you to record video while playing a song, it will automatically add the song to your story and Voila!! Your work is done.

You can now post your story and amaze your followers.

Method 2: When Selecting A Video From Gallery

Now, the second method which I am going to discuss is through a third-party application. Most of the times we want to upload a previously recorded video and want to add the background song as per our memories related to that person or moment.

One of my favorite and most popular application for this purpose is InShot video editor, which is available for Android and iPhone users.

Android users can download Inshot from play store or directly get it from here and iOS users can install from this link. After downloading it proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open the application. You will see an icon of the the app
  2. Tapping on the video icon will open your gallery in which videos are saved.
  3. Select the video you want to edit and the video
  4. You can trim the part which you do not want to include in your video.import the video
  5. Now tap on music icon. The app has its own featured music, as well as you can select from your the music for story
  6. Now turn the video volume to zero and music volume to full.edit the volume
  7. Select the part of the song you want to add and then tap on the icon shown in the picture.trim the music
  8. Next, save the video by tapping on the SAVE at the top right and then choosing the video resolution you the created video for instagram story
  9. Now open Instagram. And select your video from the gallery and post it.

So this is how you can add music to the Instagram story. If you have a good alternative to InShot, then you can use that app and also do let us know via comments.


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