How to Add Line or Paragraph Break in Facebook Comments

Last Updated: February 13, 2017

This simple tutorial will let you know how you can add line break in Facebook comments on website and Android/iOS app to make them look tidy. Adding line break will help you to write in paragraphs and make your comments on Facebook more readable. You can also post videos in Facebook comments to make them interesting or funny.

Add line break in Facebook comments

Previously, adding line breaks in a Facebook comment was done using the Enter button on the keyboard. But not anymore, as Facebook removed the comment button next to the comment box. Now, pressing the Enter key posts the comment instead of starting a new paragraph, leaving many users baffled.

So, if you too are facing this issue then the steps mentioned here will allow you to make paragraphs in Facebook comments.

If you are an Instagram user too then you should also go through how to add line break in Instagram bio, caption and comments.

Add Line Break in Facebook Comments

Line Breaks are important to format Facebook comment properly. Paragraphs in Facebook comments are even more vital if your comment is lengthy.

Proper formatting helps readers to read it properly. So here’s how you can do it.

Facebook Website

If you are using Facebook Web version then you have two options to add paragraphs in Facebook comments.

After getting to the end of the line you can either use –

1. Press Shift + Enter


2. Press Alt + Enter

at the same time to get to the next line.

Facebook iOS/Android App

On the app, it is a no-brainer really. You can tap on the Return/Enter button at the bottom right on the smartphone keyboard to add a line break in a Facebook comment on the app.

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So, these were the simple and easy to follow steps to add line or paragraph breaks in Facebook comments. Share it with your friends on Facebook to help them format their comments properly.

Do you feel proper formatting of comments helps? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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