How To Add AirDrop Folder To Dock On Mac

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AirDrop is a quick and easy way to share files between your Mac and iOS devices. I use it quite often to transfer screenshots from my iPhone to Mac for the purpose of using them in the iOS tutorials written here at TechUntold. Now, there are quite a few ways to open AirDrop folder on Mac but the one we are going to share in this tutorial is going to make opening AirDrop effortless. If you didn’t already know there’s a possibility to add AirDrop folder to Dock on Mac.

Opening Finder, Spotlight search or asking Siri are the options you got in order to open AirDrop folder on Mac. But wait, there’s more! You can also open it from your Mac’s Dock. For that, first, you will have to add AirDrop folder to the dock. Doing this will help you to open it in a jiffy hence improving your productivity. Sounds good? So, let’s get to the procedure.

Add AirDrop Folder To Dock On Mac

1. Launch Finder. After that, click on Go in the Menu bar at the top and select Go to Folder…

Add AirDrop to Dock on MacBook

2. Now, type or copy the following path and hit Go.


Add AirDrop folder to Mac's Dock

3. This will open a folder with AirDrop app. Drag and drop the AirDrop icon from the folder to your MacBook dock. The placement in the dock depends totally on your preference.

Add AirDrop Folder to Dock on Mac

This will get the job done. You can always move the AirDrop icon around in the dock for easy accessibility.

You will be just one click away from AirDrop folder after you have added AirDrop icon to Mac Dock.

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We hope that you found this Mac tip useful and will make you faster while working with AirDrop. If you think this guide adds value then don’t forget to share it on social media.

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