7 Best Tips to save Android battery life

Last Updated: April 6, 2016

People using android smart phones face a major problem i.e. “Battery  Drainage”. It’s very simple, in an Android smart phone (multi media)  there are enormous features which keep draining the entire battery  without you knowing it. So let’s dig in and find out some easiest ways to  make your Android phone battery a true power house. Below are the tips to save Android battery life.

7 Best ways to boost Android Device Battery Life

1) Detect The Culprit: We usually do not care about the suspended  apps that are minimized but not closed. But to fix this problem Android  has a built in battery monitor. Go to Settings-> Click on Battery and  now you will be able to detect the main culprit for the battery  drainage.

tips to save android battery - culprit

2) Switch­ off The Vibration: Normally when our phone is on general mode we tend to keep the “ringtone + vibration” mode on. But if are running out of battery you can simply keep your phone on general “ringtone” mode without vibration as it will save up some extra battery.

tips to save android battery - switch off

3) Keep an Eye Signal Strength: Most of you must not be aware that  keeping your mobile phone on “Search Network” setting also drains  out a lot of battery. So if you are running out of battery please select  “Select Automatically” to save phones battery. Go to Settings-> Mobile  networks-> Select automatically.

tips to save android battery - signal strength

4) Give That Smart Phone Some “Rest”: Yes it is called a smart  phone but it does not need to be smart all the time especially when  phones battery is about to die. Turn of all the smart features like air  gesture smart scrolling etc. If you really need the functions on all the  time then at least switch them of at the time of low battery.

tips to save android battery - rest

5) Reduce Time Out Settings: Another very easy way to save your  battery from drainage is reducing your time out session. Go to  Settings-> Display-> Screen timeout and select the least time to save  extra battery.

tips to save android battery - timeout

6)  Lower Down Brightness And Go For Simple Background: We all  love those fancy wallpapers but in time of need go for a simple black  background as it can save up to “20% more” battery. You can also  reduce the color brightness of the phone to avoid extra battery loss.

tips to save android battery - background

7) Quick Tip to Get Extra Boost: Remember do not wait for your  phone to totally discharge as it will affect the battery life. Unlike Ni­Cd batteries mobile phone lithium ­ion batteries are not designed for this  method.

tips to save android battery - boost

Hope these tips helped you to improve smartphone battery life. If you have some other tips to save Android battery life, then you can share with us via comments.


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