5 Traits All Successful Social Media Images Have In Common

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Over the years social media has transformed and its content has become a lot more visual. Today images and videos are very much the preferred form of social media content, and they are necessary if you want to interest and engage viewers. That being said the effectiveness of images can vary quite a bit from one to the next – and that isn’t random. In fact, if you were to look closer you’d realize that there are five successful social media images traits have in common.

5 Successful Social Media Images Traits

1) Sized Correctly for Social Media

Every social media platform uses slightly different image sizes, and it is critical that your images are correct in size for the platform they’re being published on – otherwise they may not be displayed as intended. In many cases, images that aren’t sized correctly are automatically cropped, which can dramatically alter their appearance.

2) Able To Stand Out

Most people tend to skim through their social media timelines and so for images to get noticed they need to stand out. Either the image itself needs to be of something strike, or its use of color and contrast needs to help it to stand out, or both. Ideally, your images should be able to attract attention – even at a glance.

3) Consistent

All the images that you publish on social media as content should be consistent. That doesn’t just mean that they should be thematically relevant. However, they should have some similar stylistic elements that allow viewers to distinguish your content immediately. It can be the colors, fonts, filters, or even a watermark – the important thing is that there are some consistent elements across your images.

4) Never Compromises On Quality

All the images that you publish on social media should crisp, clear, and high quality. Nothing less will suffice, and if you start to publish substandard images that are blurry, lacking definition or unappealing in any other way it could have a long-lasting impact on how viewers perceive your content.

5) Leverages Emotions

The most successful images tend to always be the ones that leverage a particular emotion, whether it is sadness, happiness, humor, inspiration, or something else entirely. By leveraging the emotions of viewers, these images are able to engage them far more effectively – and on social media, that is powerful because it will lead to more shares, comments, and likes or upvotes that will then generate even more exposure.

Now that you know the five traits that successful social media images share: Use them. Take steps to ensure that your social media images contain all of these traits so that they have the impact that you’re looking for.

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social media images traits - movavi photo editor

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