5 Most Interesting Facebook Facts

How Facebook started: Facemash

It all started from Facemash. Facemash is the predecessor of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg invented and launched Facemash in October 28, 2003. When he launched Facemash, he was in his second year of graduation at Harvard University. The website was to make out whether a person is hot or not. The website had the feature to upload pictures of two students, which visitors can compare and rate. Mark Zuckerberg faced charges of breach of security and violating privacy for stealing students pictures and using those on Facemash. The site was shutdown by Harvard administration.

In between of Facemash & Facebook: TheFacebook

After Facemash, Mark Zuckerberg started writing code to build a new website. On Feburary 4, 2004 he launched ‘Thefacebook’ , you can see the login page of Thefacebook in above picture. He called the website as ‘Thefacebook’ and was accessed by ‘www.Thefacebook.com’ URL. And Thefacebook is now just Facebook. In 2005, the company removed ‘The’ from its name after buying the domain ‘facebook.com’ for $200,000.

Other Ways to access Facebook Website

You might be knowing only one URL to access Facebook. But in actuality you can access the Facebook website from multiple URLs. Yes, there are three URLs which will direct you to the Facebook website, www.facebook.com, www.TheFacebook.com and the shortest URL which you will like the most is www.fb.com .

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Adding 4 to the end of Facebook url will direct you to the Mark Zuckerberg ’s wall

After above three interesting Facebook facts, here is another one. If you want to access the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s wall, you don’t have to Google it or search from Facebook itself. You just have to add a number ‘4’ at the end of Facebook URL (www.facebook.com/4) and you will be directed to Mark Zukerberg’s profile. If you notice the URL (www.facebook.com/4) will automatically get changed to the URL (www.facebook.com/zuck) the short name he has given to his profile. We are also not sure why he is using number ‘4’ as his name code.

To access the profile of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz, the Cofounder of Facebook, you just have to add 5 and 6 respectively to the Facebook URL.

Facebook pays $500 if you can find a bug in Facebook

Yes, that’s true. Facebook has a Bug Bounty program under which if a person reports a bug found within the Facebook software and system then Facebook will reward the person. People say that Facebook pays $500 as the maximum reward, but actually it is the minimum reward of Bug Bounty Program from Facebook. Facebook had already paid $5000 to a person for only one really good report. And only one bounty per bug will be awarded by Facebook.

Know more about the eligibility of Facebook Bug Bounty Program & rewards.


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