5 Best Music Downloading Android Apps

Music is a very important part of our life. Most of the time we listen music of our choice to get our mind and soul under the one relaxing roof. So, when it comes to hearing music, all kinds of android smartphones replaced the old traditional music players in past 10 years because with its cutting-edge technology, you can easily listen to your desired music either online or offline.

Almost every smartphone has features to connect to internet or Wi-Fi. So if you have a Smartphone and using internet connection then you can easily download your favorite music on your device. But on the other hand all mp3 downloading apps are not good but we have done some research and collected some of the top best applications.

Best Music Downloading Android Apps

Therefore, these are some handpicked yet the best music download app for your android by which you can easily download any type of music on your smartphone without any hassle.

  1. 4shared Music(Removed from Google Play)- This special application is created for those who can’t live without music. There is a search option in it, which allows you to search for any specific music file of your choice, and then add them to your playlist at 4shared Music. You can create your own personalized playlist and add tracks to it. Further, you can also upload music files in it from your android device. It also gives you 15GB of space, in which you can store your music files.
  2. RockMyRunThis superfast application is made for those who work out in morning. This application will help you to move your body, because it is known as one of the best mp3 app and also works with the world’s best DJs to make mixes and playlists that react to your body. In this you can choose track from any genre like pop, rock, hip-hop, Seasonal, Country, and Classical. If you are a gym person, then you should definitely install this app on your android device. One of the most different features of this application is “My Beat” feature that I fascinated about in which it will recognize your heart beats per minute and adjusts the music as per your choice.
  3. AngamiThis is the best free music download application for all types of android phone. It has some eye catchy features which I found very useful. With this application you can download millions of the international songs for free in your android phone. Further, there are 2 versions of this application available and one in anghami free another is anghami pro. On the other hand it supports unlimited downloads.
  4.  Wynk If you are an airtel customer then you must have heard about this dynamic application. This is a free music downloading application for any android phonewith over 1.8 million songs which you can quickly download or stream any music without searching anywhere. By using this application you can easily download best bollywood songs for your android mobile phones. It can also quickly find music as per genre or artists.
  5. Sound CloudThis is the rising star in the android music download apps department. It has millions of happy users due its latest features. With this kind of application you can easily download music by plugging your music title directly through this app. Today, this application is used by millions of people to listen their favorite music for free. Users get more access to contemporary music genres such as hip hop, rock, jazz, house, and others. You can also follow friends and artists to hear what they share. So besides browsing tracks by genre, you can also listen to different streams wherever you are using an internet connection. You can also play, pause, and even skip tracks from the lock screen, while geo-tagging recordings with location information.

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Therefore, listening music is one of the great passion everyone has, so if you are one of them who like to listen music on android smartphone then you need to have the best music download application for android to get your music files downloaded quickly and easily. Hence, the above said applications are some of the best android application for downloading music in all types of smartphone.


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