4 Best Android Apps you should have

We all love our Android phones because of how user friendly and simplified nature it has. But why we like Android more is because of “Google Play”. Google play has over a massive useful applications to choose from and make your life easier. It depends upon your usage which Android apps you should have on your Android device.

Android developers have never let us down with their skills of making some really drool worthy applications. So let us explore some of the finest applications in market that you must be having in your Android phone.

1) Battery Problems- Go Green with Greenify:

Best Android Apps you should have - Greenify

  • Greenify is really nice Android app. What it does is, it stays in background and keeps an eye on every application most importantly on those which are not useful but still sucking up the battery. Once the analysis is over and given permission it will halt the targeted application until you do not give it permission to run it.
  • In this way you will be saving your precious battery life from those unwanted yet wanted applications (quite complicated). Though today’s phones come with power save mode and inbuilt battery saving applications but this application is on next level.

2) For Internet Junkies- Opera Max:

Best Android Apps you should have - opera max

  • Yes we understand the importance of internet in your life and we also understand that it costs a lot. If you are totally fed up with your data pack getting over within minutes or your Wi-Fi bills going sky high then we have a true solution for you “opera max”.
  • What this application does is it will reduce the size of photos videos and all the data you need. In short this application will squeeze the size of your bills.

3) Love To Read- Pocket App:

Best Android Apps you should have - pocket

  • We appreciate your passion for reading. So if you are a reading addict but are usually short of time and you choose to read that informative article later and then totally forget about it then we have good a very good application for you-“Pocket”. This is a really cool application which allows you to save article, text, videos, photos or anything you like on web for a latter review. So that you can easily go through all the saved data on those long lazy trips or on a laid back Sunday. Isn’t it a good idea.

4) Multiple Network user- Snowball:

Best Android Apps you should have - snowball

  • This application is a life saver for the users who are much into different social networking sites. Snowball allows you to manage notification from different sites at one place. It has a different tray for notification for an easy access too.

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Your Android device must have these above listed Android apps which will ease up your life. 


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