10 Amazing things you can do with Google

Google always like to play with things and do creative with them. Today TechUntold is sharing with you the amazing things you can do with Google. Google designed these features for their user and you will definitely going to enjoy it. You will love all these interesting facts about Google and will improve your search for movies, books and others.

Here are the 10 Amazing interesting facts about Google


If you type “tilt” or “askew” in Google search engine then it will list the results with tilt display.

interesting facts about google - tilt


What’s that? If you look for “do a barrel roll”, then you will see an amazing thing. Google will spin the search page for you.

interesting facts about google - do a barrel roll
Do a Barrel Roll


If you are very fond of reading books and look for it on the internet, then here is a simple trick by Google. Google for “books by” and append the name of the author, then it will list the popular books by that author.

interesting facts about google - books


If you are searching for movies, then type the actor name followed by wordmovies”. It will show all the popular movies. As shown in the picture, for Hugh Jackman.

interesting facts about google - movies

#5) GOOGLE IN 1998

If you want to get a feel of how Google was in 1998 then you can get it simply by searching for “Google in 1998” in Google search engine.

interesting facts about google - google in 1998
Google in 1998


Search for “Atari Breakout” in Google Search engine. It will list the web links. After this, click on the Images tab, you will see the blocks which you have to destroy it with the ball. This was created in honor of the Game’s 37th anniversary.

interesting facts about google - atari breakout
Atari Breakout


Type “Zerg Rush” in Google search bar, you will see “O”s coming from everywhere to eat your search page. You have to click three times to kill those “O”s and prevent eating your page.

interesting facts about google - zerg rush
Zerg Rush


In the Google Search bar, type “Google Gravity” and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”. After that once you move the mouse, you will see all the UI breaks down and comes at the bottom of the screen, feels like their is gravity. You can also search in that Google gravity screen itself.

interesting facts about google - google gravity
Google Gravity


This one is also amazing. You can set timer from Google Search engine itself. Type “set timer for 10:15 am”, it means the timer will start beeping at 10:15 AM.

interesting facts about google - set timer
Set Timer


On the Google search page you can find a voice icon in the search bar. Click on that voice icon, now Google will allow you to speak whatever you want to search for and will list the results.

interesting facts about google- google voice
Google Voice

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Hope you liked the above interesting facts about Google. We will be sharing more interesting things. Share your thoughts.


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