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iOS 10 features with Infographic

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iCareFone Review : Fix iOS Stuck, Speed Up iPhone and more

In this article, we share a comprehensive review of iCareFone. The review will let you know what the software has to offer, its features, under what circumstances it can help

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How to turn on Magnifier on iPhone and use it as a magnifying glass : iOS 10

There are many significant inclusions to iPhone with iOS 10. But I am sure that not many out there would know about ‘Magnifier’ feature. It is not discussed much compared

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How to use invisible ink on iOS 10 to send a hidden message

As I have already mentioned several times that iOS 10 brought a lot of features to the Messages app. Earlier, I shared how to send iMessages with Bubble and Screen

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How to sort Songs by title in iOS 10 Music app

There have seen some slight changes or additions to the Music app in iOS 10. In my earlier post, I explained about how to Shuffle songs in Music App in iOS

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How to Shuffle songs in Music App on iOS 10

Are you not able to find the Shuffle button in Music app after updating to iOS 10? Me too didn’t find it for a long time and tried a lot

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How to send iMessages with bubble and screen effects in iOS 10

iOS 10 brought most of the changes to iMessages compared to anything else. If you are still unaware of the features added to the Messages app then you should definitely

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How to turn off Read Receipts in iMessage for certain contacts [iOS 10]

Read receipts in iMessage on iPhone can now be disabled on a per contact basis. This is one of the new iOS 10 features. In iOS 9 and earlier, read

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How to change vibration on iPhone in iOS 10 for particular contact

After a long wait, finally, iOS 10 was released a week ago. It has added many brilliant features to the iPhone. On installing and exploring it a bit, I noticed a

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Top 14 iOS 10 Features coming to your iPhone this Fall[Infographic]

Ever since iOS 10 was announced at WWDC 2016, all iOS users have been waiting anxiously for its official launch. However, there have been quite a few beta versions launched

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