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How to mute tabs in Google Chrome with single click

Its very annoying when you hear sounds coming from an open tab in your browser and you are not able to figure it out from exactly which tab the sound

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How to create multiple Google Chrome profiles

Multiple users are sharing same system?, using same Chrome browser?. Till now you might be using single chrome for multiple users. But now you can have multiple chrome browser profile

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Why Google Chrome uses a lot of memory

Google Chrome gained 0.78% users last year. No doubt Chrome percentage of users is gaining every year while IE and Mozilla Firefox percentage of users dipping. It is because Chrome is

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How to restore Google Chrome last session

When Google Chrome hangs and crashes, then if you try to reopen Google Chrome it will ask you to restore to get back all the tabs that were opened. But if you have

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How to open pdf file without pdf reader

You can have other multiple ways also to open pdf file like online pdf readers and software for opening pdf file but the simplest of all and the easiest way

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How to change Google Background Image

As Google is the default search engine homepage in Google Chrome browser, you can make the homepage more stylish by changing the background image of Google Chrome and personalizing it

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How to Change Google Chrome Theme

As we know that Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers because its robustness.  Apart from other features Google is able to give a decent interface to its

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How to block Ads on Google Chrome Browser

With 2.92 billion internet users, the online advertisements are also increasing rapidly. But many users don’t like popping up of advertisement as it could be annoying for them. Finding how

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How to remove a particular website from history of Google Chrome

In a Google Chrome browser you have variety of options to clear history for a specific day or for a longer period of time. But what if you want to

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