How to spy on WhatsApp for free without any Software

We have had a lot of queries from our users asking about various methods to spy on WhatsApp. Keeping that in mind, I have come across another method to spy on WhatsApp messages and guess what, this method won’t even require any third party software to track WhatsApp. So, let’s have a look how to achieve that in iOS, Android and Windows.

Spy on WhatsApp for Free 

The process is basically the same for all of the smartphones on iOS, Android and Windows.

We hope that you might have heard about WhatsApp Web. It is a Web application of WhatsApp which allows you to access your WhatsApp account on web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. Your WhatsApp account is mirrored on the Web browser with WhatsApp web. Mostly, it is used by people to use WhatsApp on PC.

However, you can use WhatsApp web to spy on others WhatsApp account. Here’s how :

Spy WhatsApp Messages for iPhone

1. Open WhatsApp Web on PC from where you want to track WhatsApp.

2. Get the iOS device for which you want to monitor WhatsApp messages for a couple of minutes( actually you don’t even need it for half a minute)

3. Open WhatsApp app in the iOS device and Select Settings Tab.

4. Tap on WhatsApp Web and scan the code by putting the target phone in front of your browser screen from where you opened WhatsApp Web earlier.

Spy WhatsApp for free

Voila! You can return the iOS device to the owner and you have his/her WhatsApp account mirrored on your laptop/desktop browser. You will get all the messages in realtime on your Browser as it will be recieved on that iOS device WhatsApp account which you just scanned.

Spy on WhatsApp for free
WhatsApp Web Account of Target device activated on your browser

Spy on WhatsApp from your Smartphone

You can also spy on WhatsApp using your smartphone’s browser as well. If you want to spy from your iPhone Safari browser, then after opening WhatsApp Web on Safari, request Desktop Site. On requesting desktop site, WhatsApp Web will open the same way in Safari as it opened in your Laptop browser. You can go ahead and scan the code by placing the target device in front of your Safari browser where WhatsApp Web is opened.

If you want to spy WhatsApp from an Android phone then you can vist WhatsApp Web on your phone and tap on three dots present at right hand side in Address bar and select Request Desktop Site as shown below.

Spy on WhatsApp from Android Phone
Request Desktop Site in Android after opening WhatsApp Web

After that you can go ahead and scan QR code on your phone browser from the phone you want to spy.


This method lets you spy WhatsApp without any software but there are a few limitations with this method as listed below:

1. You cannot spy on WhatsApp calls using this method. But you can use FlexiSpy to spy on WhatsApp calls which is a paid application.

2. The person whose WhatsApp account you are tracking will get to know about it by navigating to WhatsApp Web in his WhatsApp on smartphone. It will show all active sessions of their WhatsApp account on WhatsApp web, where  they get an option to disconnect those sessions via Log out from all computers option as shown below.

Spy on WhatsApp for free
WhatsApp Web active sessions shown in App

But the second point should not matter much if the other person is aware and has no problems with you spying his WhatsApp account.

Spy WhatsApp Messages for Android, Windows

The procedure is exactly the same as iPhone/iPad with difference being the WhatsApp Web option in the WhatsApp for Android and Windows.

For Android phone find WhatsApp Web option by clicking on the three dots at top right corner of the app.

Spy on WhatsApp messages
WhatsApp Web option in Android App

To track WhatsApp for Windows phone you can find WhatsApp Web option by navigating to Menu > WhatsApp Web.

Once you get WhatsApp Web option in WhatsApp for Android and Windows, you need to open it and scan the QR code in your device from where you want to spy it, from the target phone as we explained for iPhone above.

Do you like this WhatsApp trick which allows you spy on WhatsApp for free without any software? Get heard in comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “How to spy on WhatsApp for free without any Software

  1. Hi Hemant,

    Thank you for all the great info you share.

    Do you know if there is spy software available that track a Windows 10 os phone?

    1. Hi Joh,

      Glad to know that you like the information I share.
      Unfortunately, currently there is no software/app that can track Windows phone. Will definitely update here if something comes up.

  2. My boy is in England i won’t able to get his mobile.Is there any method to spy his account from my country without touching his phone?

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