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How to disable Instagram suggested users on your profile

If you have not observed Instagram Suggested users drop down arrow when you visit someone’s Instagram profile or vice versa then this article will let you know about it. Also, you

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How to download Instagram Stories of others as well as yours

We have written quite a few tutorials at TechUntold on Instagram Stories since it was launched in August. In this Instagram article, you will learn about a method to save someone

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How to make Facebook upside down or correct upside down words

Is your Facebook account become completely upside down? Are all the letters or words inverted on Facebook profile or page? If this seems your story then there is no need

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How to sync Facebook events and birthdays with Google Calendar

In this Facebook tutorial, you will learn how to sync the Facebook calendar with Google. On syncing the Facebook calendar, all the Facebook events and birthdays will be added to

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How to pin a post to the top of Facebook Page Timeline and Group

Just like you can pin tweets on Twitter, there is a similar feature in Facebook which allows to pin the post to the top of Facebook page timeline and group.

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How to post, like and comment as a Page on Facebook

If you are managing a Facebook page then you might want to post as a page on Facebook on several occasions. If you haven’t figured out the way to post

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Embed Web page, PDF, Tweet, Instagram photo and more in Gmail : Mixmax Review

This is one of our tutorials which will help to improve productivity when others view your Emails in Gmail. At the same time, your Email will get more attention. You

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How to download Twitter Archive and everything you need to know

Do you know that Twitter has a feature which can be used to Request your Twitter Archive? If the answer is no then go through this guide to know about

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How to view Instagram Stories on Web from Computer/PC

Instagram Stories feature was launched last month which allows users to post photos and videos which are removed automatically after 24 hours. You can even post photos and videos in

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How to change Name on Facebook before 60 days limit with this trick

In this Facebook tutorial, I will share how to change name on Facebook App as well as on Web. Moreover, you will get to know how to change Facebook name before

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