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Schedule Instagram Posts for free with these tools

In this article, we share a few handpicked tools which allow you to schedule Instagram posts(Photos and Videos) for free from Web/Computer or even Android/iOS app. If you are a brand,

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How to kick someone off Netflix account immediately so you can watch

In this Netflix tutorial, you will get to know how to kick someone off Netflix immediately so you can watch. Moreover, the procedure to sign out of all devices and change

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How to see who is using your Netflix account?

Netflix users who are suspicious of unwanted activity on their Netflix account can go through this article. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to see who is

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How to delete Continue Watching on Netflix App and Website

This tutorial is for all those Netflix users who would like to remove TV shows or Movies from Continue Watching queue in their Netflix dashboard. Delete Continue Watching on Netflix using

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How to get Facebook App ID and App Secret for Website : 2016 Edition

Follow this guide to create or get Facebook App ID and App Secret for Website. If you need App ID and Secret Key to allow a WordPress plugin or any

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What’s Next for the Mobile Gaming Industry? 

The mobile gaming industry is one that is in the midst of a boom period right now with operator revenues passing the $1 trillion mark for 2015 and it was

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How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook or deactivated account

In this article, we mention a few ways which can be used to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook or deactivated account. How to know if someone blocked

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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website

“Do I need a website?”  This question comes up sooner or later in front of every business owner. And we always reply positively to this question. Even if you think

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6 Reasons to use GPS technology for vehicle tracking

GPS technology these days experiences its blast on the global market. The system that meant to be used by militaries now became an absolute necessity for every car owner. What

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Top 10 Examples of Worst Websites Ever Designed

Let’s learn from mistakes of others and check few examples of the worst websites ever designed. They have some lessons to share about how not to do. So let’s see.

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